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Ht. 6'0", Start: 240 lb, Today: 227.8 lb (BMI %tile: 95), Goal: 180 lb - Im done another pound since yesterday. I love working makes me feel so good...granet i look discusting at the gym lol with the sweat and everything however i dont really losing weight and people can stare at my sweaty body if they human i sweat lol...okkkay so for breakfast which im going to go eat in a few min im going to have a bowl of special k again and then im going to go work out. Im going to run 5:30 on the treadmill...then im going to do a hour on the crosstrainer...then im going to do 4 miles on the bike...each day i add 15 sec to my running...and a extra mile on the bike :D so by the end of the summer lol its gonna be crazy...but oh well its working and i love it...then ill prolly be at the gym about 1.5 hour and then ill come home and have some lunch...(grilled turkey and cheese) its so good btw so you should try it only 200 calories...and cut your food in half it really does trick you into u thinking your eating more...then i have work at 4-7...then ill come home and have dinner..prolly a mom baught me a really tasty one at the store...And im really happy this time im losing weight my mom is being really supposrtive...i mean shes always wanted to help me out and stuff but this is different its like shes proud of me finally. She keeps telling me i look flater and my vball coach is gonna be so impressed and im going to be so happy with myself and all this other stuff...however she isnt too fond of my diet...and im sure alot of people arnt either because i barly eat...and im working off like 1000 calories...however i eat 3 meals..there just super low cal...for breakfast ill prolly have about 120 calories...lunch 200 and dinner about 300 so i really only eat about 620 cals a day...but im not hungry and im just making low calorie food. but yeah my doctor said it was fine until i started feeling fait i need to change...but she doesnt want me to do what i did my freshman year...i lost about 40 pounds in a month...but i didnt all and it was crazy and as soon as i started to eat again i gained it all back...shes just worryed im going to go back to my own ways! but im not...and i wish she would understand
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well basically i do a bunch so i cant tell u what the treadmill actually works on...same as running i really tones your calfs and legs...and burning calories your stomach fat and everything will just melt off. Ive never baught my own go to the gym...but i love it...if your not in very good cant run a bunch and stuff...i would suggest the crosstrainer...i do that fora hour after i run and its amazing :D
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great job! reading your long post gave me a nice read and motivation. i have one question though. can you please explain the treadmill to me? im planning to get one. xD. does it work? does it make you shred fat all over or just my bottom. like also my fat arms? i have more questions but i dont wanna confuse you so just tell me everything about your experience with a treadmill. thank you.xD. and good luck!
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thats good to hear, just looking out for a fellow dieter lol :)
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i do hear it alot but you know i usually dont get i do add snacks in if i get hungry i mean sometimes i have 4 but yeah im not starving myself lol trust me ill eat a salad or somethin if i get hungry :D butthanks :D
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haha i love long posts. gives me a good read lol but yeah, you are doing super awesome! i wish i had that much motivation!! just be careful, i know you hear it enough and you probably dont care what someone youve never even met has to say, but just be careful. even if you threw in some snacks like an apple or a yogurt or some raw veggies and dip.. just to bump up your calories a tiny bit. ive noticed with myself, when i stick to a low low cal diet i eventually plateau and cant lose a pound for a while. i think you're doing great though, keep up the great work, and the motivation :)
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sorry for the long post...thanks for reading it if you did though :D