From Nikki, Age 20 - 05/26/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 241 lb, Today: 225 lb (BMI: 41), Goal: 150 lb - Ugh, my boyfriend made breakfast this morning while I was still sleeping. He made scrambled eggs, bacon, and buttered toast! Even though I still eat what I want, I didn't want to eat like a lot of "bad" food at once, lol So I got one egg, two pieces of toast, and two pieces of bacon, but he threw 2 more pieces of bacon on my plate because he said he wasn't going to eat all of the bacon. And I ate ketchup on my eggs BTW...I'm about to go workout, hopefully I can burn a lot of calories. I think my boyfriend tries to sabotoge my weightloss, lol he's always buying icecream and cookies and cupcakes, etc. Luckily for him he doesn't gain any damn weight! Do you think anyone ever tries to sabatoge your weightloss??
Reply from Nikki, Age 20 - 05/26/09  - IP#:
Yes! He knows I'm trying to lose weight! I tell him alllllll the time to stop trying to sabatoge me lol
Reply from kristi, Age 19 - 05/26/09  - IP#:
im sure he doesnt realize hes doing it...does he know your tryin to lose weight...maybe its time to have a talk with him and just reinform him that ur tryin to lose weight and the junk isnt helping :D im sure hell understand