From Courtney, Age 15 - 05/09/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'3", Start: 219 lb, Today: 219 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 120 lb - Hey, im courtney and im new to this website. So ive always been really over weight. Now im starting to sweat more and im just getting more and more lazy. And come on my body is really un-atractive. So today i told my self i really do wanna do somthing about this. The problem is...i don't know how to start. After this im going to go get dressed and go walking...maybe ill go swiming but its a little chilly out so idk yet. But im going to go right now :].
Reply from DancingDamsel, Age 13 - 05/15/09  - IP#:
alright, if you consider 15 a "kid"
Reply from Jocelyn, Age 17 - 05/13/09  - IP#:
k being 15, 5'3, and 120 pounds gives a bmi of 21.3. perfectly healthy.
check for yourself
Reply from DancingDamsel, Age 13 - 05/12/09  - IP#:
not for a 15 year old girl, genious.
Reply from Jocelyn, Age 17 - 05/10/09  - IP#:
the healthy weight range for a girl who is 5'3 is 97-143 pounds. So 120 is actually a very reasonable goal.
Reply from DancingDamsel, Age 13 - 05/09/09  - IP#:
i'm 5.3 and my healthy weight range is 140-130. i don't think 120 is practical unless you're small boned. (wrap your index finger and thumb around your wrist. if your fingers touch = medium boned. if your fingers don't touch = large boned. if you fingers overlap = small boned.) hope i helped!