From kayla, Age 16 - 04/27/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 280 lb, Today: 280 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 200 lb - well...i really wanna loose weight badly...but idk wat to do, im on the varsity track softball and bball teams at skool and im on a select softball team and in comp. dance. so i exercise alot and i pretty much eat healthy food for the most part but i seem to be stayn at the same weight and i dont no what else to do. HELP?!??
Reply from Alexis, Age 16 - 04/27/09  - IP#:
hey kayla!
i feel the exact same same way!
even though sometimes i pig out....
but still, be my weight loss buddy!
imm despeeeeerate lol
my emails
please contact me
for some reason i feel like this is my last weight loss hope :(
Reply from Lydia, Age 15 - 04/27/09  - IP#:
Review what you are eating, and see if it's actually healthy or not. If that's not the case, it may be possible that you have a thyroid condition, so I recommend you ask your doctor about that.
Reply from Melissa, Age 15 - 04/26/09  - IP#:
You might not be losing weight because your body is so used to the exercise you're already doing. and "Pretty Much" eating healthy doesn't cut it. You gotta eat Healthy and ONLY healthy. I think if you tried different kinds of exercise (cardio, pilates, running, yoga, ballroom dancing etc...) you'd lose weight.