From Danielle, Age 17 - 04/13/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 16 st 2, Today: 16 st 2 (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 10 st 0 - i need help, im Obese and No1 understands literally !.. i really don't no what to do anymoree, ive tried like every diet and the only one i found effective was weight watchers but that diet put me in the position where i ended up collapsing so i stopped. im in 6th form studying music & drama, i had done dance in my GCSE's and passed so i took it on in 6th form, but it got to the point where they were making me do ballet and telling me to wear a leotard and tights, i told them i wasn't comfortball and reminded them i wasn't a size 8 like the rest of them, but they said i had no choice if i wanted to stay on the course, this then lead to them putting me in that 'outfit' on stage in front on 300 people at a christmas concert, i done it at the time just because when im on stage im not the fat usless girl. But after the holidays i went back and dropped the course.
I genrally have no confidence what so ever but i want to be a singer/ songwriter, when i perform i always get the biggest support ever, and its the only time i feel normal.. to hear people telling you that you have mad talent and that you should do something about it puts me on top of the world. But Im an obese tempered idiot! .. Im scared of everything!.. i wanna b able to to get on stage a think wow i look good, not Oh god my rolls better not be showing at this moment in time. Time is running out if i dont do something about music soon, im not going to do it at all, because i have no motivation to do it as it is, let alone in a few years. I get angry realy easily, my temper has got so bad before that i ended up hurting my family. i haven't done it since because it was a wake up call that i need to chill. but im depressed & things keep going from bad to worse! .. My auntie died over the christmas holidys she was the 1st person in my family that i was close to that i had lost, and i have jsut found out that my grandad has terminal lung cancer but im the only person in my family that knows other than the adults. Im like giving up slowly but i don't want to, i just can't stop it though.
soz i went on a bit, thats not even a tiny bit of what has gone on tbh, but if anyone has any ideas or advise or anything please just help me.  (Note: 16 st 2 is 226 lb.)
Reply from DancingDamsel, Age 13 - 04/13/09  - IP#:
I think that if you want to pursue the stage and become famous (or just do what you love) than you ought to do something about your weight, since that is what will make you happier. I think you ought to walk a little every day. It depends on how much you can do. If you get out of breath easily, just walk out to the driveway and back a few times, push yourself but don't push too hard. Losing weight isn't the type of thing where the moment you feel pain you stop, but it isn't the kind of thing where you feel so much pain you collapse or can't breathe at all, etc. Also, along with the walking, drink lots of water. Drop soda entirely. I used to be addicted. So addicted that I would get headaches if I didn't drink any for a while. But, now, I can sleep better, I am losing weight and I feel healthier. Along with walking and drinking lots of water, eat well. Haha. Eat what? Eat WELL. This means you should eat lots of veggies, fruits, and the like; cut down on bread, which has tons of carbs (unless it's whole-wheat); cut down on pasta (try Healthy Harvest or Dreamfields pasta--soo good, no lie!), and eat lots of protein. Chicken (not fried, not breaded, don't eat extra skin), tuna, eggs, etc are good sources of this. I hope all this helped!!!