From lisa, Age 15 - 04/10/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 272 lb, Today: 244 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 125 lb - Hey!So I've been wondering;how much weight do you think i'll lose if i become a vegetarian,stop eating bread,and drink nothing but soda?I've been doing this since saturday,and I weighed 251.Now its Friday and im 244,but i will weigh again tomorrow for a week long result.Its really hard to be a vegetarian,which I didnt realize until now.And all this water makes me feel sick.Every time i drink water i feel sick and i just woke up and drink some and then threw up:(and it was just water tinted in color.sorry for the description.well what do you think?
Reply from lisa, Age 15 - 04/12/09  - IP#:
I think i wont eat eggs.But I dont think i can do very well without any cheese,but since i usually eat cheese with meat,it wont be as hardto not eat cheese,so i'll just eat it every once in a while.Just wondering,do yall ever cheat,like once a month or something?
Reply from Hali, Age 15 - 04/11/09  - IP#:
Ya. its really a personal choice. I dont eat eggs straight ( like scrambled or boiled) and I dont drink milk, I wont eat yogurt, but I love cheese. Its really just what you feel you can do. (But I wouldnt copy my diet, cause the only dairy i eat is cheese, and that prolly isnt the best thing to do! lol)
Reply from Melissa, Age 18 - 04/10/09  - IP#:
there arent any specific rules to being a vegetarian, you can do whatever you feel is okay, its pretty personal. some vegetarians eat eggs, my sister does, but i have a friend who is a vegetarian who doesnt.
Reply from lisa, Age 15 - 04/10/09  - IP#:
sorry my reply was so short.
i think i can do it,and im really passionate about it.
im only drinking water,ALL the time.
i meant to put that i didnt drink soda,then i remembered that im not drinking anything but water,so i guess when i went to re-write it i messed question:do you eat eggs.i dont just incase,but i was wondering if i can.
Reply from lisa, Age 15 - 04/10/09  - IP#:
and i meant to put nothing but WATER.
lol my bad.
and i have a really good reason,its on my other post.
Reply from Hali, Age 15 - 04/10/09  - IP#:
Ummm.. Well heres the thing with being vegetarian. ( I am one, so I know what I am talking about) If you dont have a solid reason, you will keep falling off the wagon. I stoped eating meat for my friends sake, but I kept failing until I found a clear reason, that was mine. Like I hate how they treat animals, so I dont eat meat.Doing it just because you want to lose weight will not work in the long run. Bread... could go either way, you do need healthy carbs, and bread is VERY hard to avoid. Thats your call. But you NEED to drink water. Soda has nothing in it that you body needs, if you dont drink water you will dehydrate yourself and make your self VERY VERY VERY sick. You NEED water.