From Kimmy, Age 14 - 04/06/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 142 lb, Today: 135 lb (BMI %tile: 89), Goal: 105 lb - Well i am according to the bmi chart thing i am 5 lbs overweight i use to way 142 but by just watching what i ate and cutting out fats and sugars i lost 7 accordinglbs in 2 months. but i still want to lose more because i am having a huge party for my 15th birthday and i wanna look nice in my dress. So dose anybody have any suggesting to lose weight fast and safe in 3 months i would be greatful:]
Reply from DancingDamsel, Age 13 - 04/08/09  - IP#:
you can definitely lose 5 pounds in three months, in fact, you can do it in one, if you do it the right way. :) Try Joyce Vedral's Toning for Teens or The Diet for Teenagers Only (great food, but watch out! the percenatges are wrong: it's supposed to be 50% PROTEIN--not carb--,20% fat, 30% carbs) or Perfect Parts by Rachael Mklish or The Bathing Suit Workout by Joyce Vedral...if you want to know about MORE books that will help you, let me know. ;-)
Reply from Hali, Age 15 - 04/07/09  - IP#:
Never say you want to 'lose weight' by saying 'lose' your body will naturally want to find it again. instead make a 'lifestyle change' (but the key to that is its a LIFESTYLE, you have to keep it up)
Reply from -Sarah-, Age 17 - 04/06/09  - IP#:
yah FIRST OF ALLL belive in yourself that you can do it!!!!!!
personally whenever i wanna loose weight i never tell myself that im on a deit i just make an effrot to change some eating habits like eating healthier checking calories drinking ALOT of water and eating veggies with every know but never pushing too much because that ruins everything....good luck
keep in touch!!! me how its goin