From Bri, Age 17 - 03/24/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 219 lb, Today: 207 lb (BMI %tile: 97), Goal: 175 lb - Hi guys! I've been coming to blubberbuster for years now and I love the concept of this site. Thats why the first place I thought about when I found my miricle "lifestyle" was here. I've recently just got out of an ugly break up and then moved. I was feeling hidious although everyone around me tells me I'd be the next Miss.America if I just lost weight. How rude right? Lol I've been hearing that one all my life "if you only lost weight" Well for once it's finally starting to happen. I did alot of research and found out that walking helps you burn more fat than any other excerise(the less intense the work out the more fat you burn) So I started walking almost everyday with 1 day off for at least an hour(in oder for that fat burning to take affect you have to walk for at least 45min-1) I usually walk about 1h 15-20 min it easy fun and refreshing. I was also the type to only eat one meal a day which was BAD! in order for your metablism to work you have to eat! think of kids they eat like 6 times a day but small portions an there metablism is shooting through the roof. SO I began eatting 6 small snack like things every 2 hours for example. a granola bar,yogurt,fruit, even an ice sundae! smart ones sells them, I eat dinner which is usually what my sister cooks or a lean cuisine and so far I've lost 12lbs in 6 days no joke I couldnt believe it, everything I did was competely healthy and I can't wait to lose more!!
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This advice was actually helpful.
I really wish i lived in a safer neighborhood so i could get out and walk around. I think i may try what you are doing now. :D
Sounds like a plan... However, i don't think i'd be able to eat 6 times a day with school and all. :D
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thats awesome! im so happy for you :) keep it up miss american :) lol