From Montana, Age 17 - 03/04/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Start: 228 lb, Today: 215 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 170 lb - IT'S MY BIRTHDAYYYYY! =) lol thought I'd share that with everyone. Hows everyone doing with their weight loss?
Reply from Montana, Age 16 - 03/08/09  - IP#:
I'll talk to my mom about it and see if I can. thanks for the advice =)
Reply from kitty, Age 16 - 03/06/09  - IP#:
Hey, do jenny craig. <3
I'm doing so, SO well on it and I really love the program. Jenny just somehow makes weight loss real for me. I don't work there or anything, this is an honest testimonial from a regular jenny client. I hope (if you can afford it) that you'll give it a try! It's really not that expensive when you put everything into perspective. (savind you from heart attacks, etc.)