From Kristina, Age 17 - 02/23/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'9", Start: 227 lb, Today: 173 lb (BMI %tile: 85), Goal: 150 lb - Ive been losing weight since i was in 8th grade.. I also assist others, I make diet plans for adults and teens.. i am not done with my journey.. but anyone who needs/ wants help/ inspiration.. please ask. you guys are all awesome.. and it's so wonderful that we are all conquering this so young.. we have the rest of our lives to live=]
Reply from Michelle, Age 17 - 02/25/09  - IP#:
also.. don't be shy! i am willing to help anyone on this site emotionally or physically.
Reply from Michelle, Age 17 - 02/25/09  - IP#:
still me... in response to britney- i had much less than that to work with, so absolutely.
Reply from Kristina, Age 17 - 02/25/09  - IP#:
first of all, for internet purposes, i said my name was kristina.. but my name is actually michelle. anyone who needs any help at all.. i will send you my diet plan and exercise routine.. send me an email @
send me your weight, age, a list of foods that you despise, a list of foods you MUST HAVE, how much you currently exercise, and any other questions or comments you may have. I will get back to you as soon as I can.
The biggest piece of advise i can provide is: take it one meal at a time. Don't think "omg i have to lose 20 pounds right now!".. or you will end up binging because of nerves. Each meal, each time you exercise, every choice you make is an accomplishment. Never underestimate the difficulty of what you are going through.
Reply from sonnie, Age 16 - 02/24/09  - IP#:
OMG....HELP ME!!!!!i have no problem exercising ma problem is eating..please help me i also need a weight loss email is
Reply from -Sarah-, Age 16 - 02/24/09  - IP#:
pllllleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee help me!!!! i need a food plan....i need a loose weight badely!!! heres my email
Reply from britney, Age 14 - 02/24/09  - IP#:
please help me. i especially need help with exercise. i have no gym to go to. all i have is 5lb weights, 10lbweights, 2lb weights, resistance bands, medicine ball and a treadmill. can you help me make use of that?
Reply from Samantha, Age 17 - 02/24/09  - IP#:
How'd you do it?! What'd you eat/do for exercise?