From Taryn, Age 18 - 02/20/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 157 cm, Start: 86 kg, Today: 83 kg (BMI %tile: 97), Goal: 65 kg - I picked up weight-and i have to be losing to fir into this dress I got for my matric dance in a month. I also drank alcohol tonight. I just had a bad day...between my English teacher and the fact that I feel pathetic about never being on a date before which I am pathetic for feeling pathetic. I need a lifestyle change. and then there is this guy that could be really cool to date if we spoke but he is always in photos with ''popular'' big breasted blond bimbos or really sweet girls and i .........I need help!!!  (Note: 157 cm, 83 kg is 5'2", 183 lb.)
Reply from Veronica, Age 16 - 03/22/09  - IP#:
Aw honey,dont feel bad about yourself!Youve already lost 3kg!Thats great!Ive never had a date either!That doesnt mean you and I are bad people!Im very self contious and thats the main part of the problem.I understand,you cant simply drag your self confidence out of your pocket.But please,dont drink alcohol.I got drunk in a school bathroom and came drunk on class.I go to art school and we were drawing with water colors,and thats really hard.I didnt even see the paper,I was just randomly doodeling,and I suddenly broke into tears in front of my classmates screaming Im fat and ugly,everybody hates on.So I was dragged to the school counsler who said I was deeply depressed and I have a very low self confidence."No *** Sherlock!Im a fat sack of lard!" I screamed at her xD.And she sent me to a child psyhologist.Great.And he said I need to go on some therapy where I will practice my self confidence.What!So anyway,my next session is in a month,and in spite,I went on a diet nad lost 7 kg.BTW(Im 170 cm,was 87 kg,now im 80 kg)So anyway,I beleive you are a beautifull smart girl and have all the great qualaties to be somebodies girlfriend.But you just cant see that.You already lost 3kg,thats great!:) Keep up with your diet,dont expect quick results(You didnt suddenly woke up overweight,it takes time to put on pounds,so does to lose them)Eat healthy,its really not that hard once you get use to it.Excersise regulary.Walk alot.Drink lots of water.You know the drill :).If you feel self concious about working out in front of others,buy some excersise tape,or a trainig bike,or a treadmill(Im going with the treadmill).Remember,you are not alone.Me and milloins of other teens feel EXACLY like you.You are still young.Your meabolism is on the highest now.Now is the best time.Dont give up.Best wishes :)