From lisa, Age 15 - 02/07/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'8", Start: 272 lb, Today: 252 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 125 lb - I lost 20 pounds!!I get to go get my 20lb prize today or tomorrow.I just cant believe it.I've been eating what I want all week and I lost 5 pounds since last Saturday.I wonder if you could tell me what how many calories I eat in a regular day-Breakfast-none.Lunch-Chicken wrap,water,and occasional small bag of sunchips.Dinner-zaxbys chicken finger plate...lately i've been eating zaxbys chicken finger plate alot(twice this week).Oh,and the only excersise i've been doing is running in p.e which i try to avoid.Thanks for reading,Good luck,and comment PLEASE!!
Reply from Taylor, Age 15 - 02/10/09  - IP#:
I'm not talking calorie wise. you don't balance things out with "less eating". you don't eat lots one day and next to nothing the next to fix it, because that's not how the human body works. I'm not even talking calorie wise, really. I'm saying a great deal of what you're eating is just unhealthy period. It's no JUST about calories, you have to look at what else is in things too, or you're going to grow up to be very unhealthy. I'm not trying to make you feel bad, but if you keep eating like you do, you're not going to be any healthier than you were twenty pounds ago.
Reply from lisa, Age 15 - 02/09/09  - IP#:
yeah i did ask for the calories,and thats all.
not how unhealthy it was.
and yeah i know i have an attitude.
im about to start(sorry guys),and i was all HAPPY cause i had lost weight,and then i got on here and it made me sad.sorry.
and this is about weight loss and support,
i got out of language class 5 hours ago.
i know im not eating right,but once its in theres no way to re-do it,so i just try and balance it out with less eating.
Reply from Taylor, Age 15 - 02/08/09  - IP#:
By the way, apples and bananas have calories too, you are supposed to get 2 to 4 servings of fruit and 3 to 5 servings of vegetables a day, so still NOT a whole lot better. And it's "common sense". Not "since". "SENSE".
Reply from Taylor, Age 15 - 02/08/09  - IP#:
I'm really starting to hate the attitude. You're losing because you weigh so much to begin with your basal metabolic rate is higher and your not overeating by a GREAT deal, though I still believe you ARE overeating. But you've lost some weight, so now it's going to be way harder. And even though you've lost weight you aren't any healthier, because you still aren't eating right and probably missing major nutrition. Losing weight alone DOES NOT make you any healthier. You have to make sure you're eating right too. You can lose weight in lots of different ways, lots of ways that aren't necessarily healthy. If you want to be HEALTHY and live a long life pay attention to the garbage you're putting in your body. You asked how many calories it was, you kind of asked our opinion, so don't get an attitidue when someone tells you the truth.
Reply from lisa, Age 15 - 02/08/09  - IP#:
and yet im still losing.
and i eat an apple or banana everday with my wrap,
but i didnt ask about that cause its common since.
Reply from Chris, Age 16 - 02/08/09  - IP#:
It doesn't matter how many calories that was; any way you look at it, that "diet" is AWFUL. Do you realize it's mostly processed food and meat? Have you had any fruits or vegetables in the past few days? Your body is probably starving for nutrition.
Reply from lisa, Age 15 - 02/08/09  - IP#:
thanks for the love,
and for taking the time to look it up.
but with the wrap and the sun chips,that was probaly only 250 more calories,so for the WHOLE day i dont think i did too bad.and im still losing,so...if it works,it works.
today i had breakfast-nothing.lunch-4 Mozzarella sticks&cheese fries.dinner-some popcorn.
i know i did really bad but how many calories do you think that was.
Reply from Jocelyn, Age 17 - 02/07/09  - IP#:
Congrats on losing 20 pounds! Thats great! Maybe try eating breakfast. Breakfast makes you less hungry throughout the day,reduces cravings, and boosts your metabolism. Also try including more fruits and veggies. Good luck!
Reply from Montana, Age 16 - 02/07/09  - IP#:
Congrats =) but I think you should do more exercise outside of PE.
Reply from Taylor, Age 15 - 02/07/09  - IP#:
you're probably eating way more than you should, because I just looked up a Zaxby's chick finger plate and it alone has 1077 calories. So you really need to start counting calories, it's pretty important to KNOW what you're putting in your body before you do it. You also need to be doing more exercise, or it's going to start getting pretty hard for you to lose weight. The heavier you are, the more calories you burn by doing nothing, but since you're losing weight, your basal metabolic rate is going to start slowing down pretty quick, and then you'll be stuck on a pleateau.