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How much do you weigh it can't be that bad
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Sweetheart, I am sorry that you feel the way you do. I bet you've probably heard a lot of negative things, you know kids can be really cruel sometimes but PLEASE PLEASE don't listen to them! I am positive that they don't realize that what they are saying, can affect you dramatically and perhaps for a long period of time. I think that if cutting on certain foods don't help then perhaps you should seak advice from a "Nutritionist". Ask you parents about it. A nutritionist could give you great advice and perhaps even give you of some really cool tips and great books to build your self-esteem. You can even go to your local library and find some great books on that! I really hope your parents are being supportive. Maybe you should have a serious talk with our family. Turn the TV off, sit in the living room (or wherever you feel comfortable) and tell them exactly how you feel, tell them this is something very serious for you and you want their SUPPORT! That means encouraging you to loose weight and for them to TELL YOU that you ARE pretty (I am sure you are) and not tell you that you are "fat" -because that doesn't help. You are too young to think that you are ugly! You should be enjoying you childhood right now. Remember, NO ONE is perfect...everyone has a flaw (believe it or not)! Even those "super models" on TV! You know, a lot of those models have really yucky toes! I bet you didn't know that, huh? And why do they wear all that make-up? Well, they truth is...yes it helps them look pretty but they try to cover up all zits! Okay, okay, so we all get those hard headed little creatures on our face (I myself have a battle with them every other day) but my point is...that NO ONE is perfect. Sweetie, I hope this helps you. NEVER, Never EVER give up! You can do's not imposible!!! You CAN do it and when you do...let me know so that I can congratulate you! I am positive you can do it..all you have to do is make plan and don't give up! Hope I made you laugh. If you would like to send me an can do so at Take care and have that "serious" talke with your parents. Good luck!! :)
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just drink lots of water and eat healthy foods, get into some sports and ask your parents for help, im sure they will help u f u ask! just dont listent o what other people say to u cuz u will look great in no time!good luck!