From blake, Age 11 - 03/27/01 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
im new around here but what can i do to be like my brother he is skinny my sister wants to pig out and she is starting if i cant lose some weight i wont run fast i try to play basketball im good butif i lose weight it will be alot better so if you reply me "god bless you"
Reply from Joe, Age 12 - 11/10/02  - IP#:
hi if youd like to chat im at
Reply from Candy, Age 33 - 04/17/01 
Hi Blake, My name is Candy,I think you are on the right track by getting some exercise like basketball. But you need to remember you are not your brother and you don't have to be like him.If you are looking to loose some weight you need to slowly cut down the amount of food you eat at one time, and keep active by playing basketball or some other sports that you may like.Also try to drink plenty of water throughout the day it helps flush out fat cells.Try cutting down on sweets to.I think you'll do fine on your quest to loose weight. Candy