From Brooklyn, Age 10 - 04/23/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi, I am 10 years old and i am 5'4 and i weight is almost 170! If you have any ideas plz help mail them to me!!plz i need to lose 60-70 lbs. Plz GIVE ME IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank-x Brooklyn
Reply from Cristina, Age 14 - 05/28/08  - IP#:
Hi. I heard about your problem, i think you should talk to your doctor about this. Because people adapt to things differently. but definatly try doing some outdoor activities like soccer or voleyball. they're fun team sports and it doesn't feel like exercise :D
Reply from Mariah, Age 11 - 08/26/06  - IP#:
Hi Brooklyn,All you have to do is excersize and eat lots of good and healthy food.And excersize every day for at least 1 hour.Ypu can excersize and still be having fun.You can dance,go bike-riding,and many others.Well...bye!!!!
Reply from carmena, Age 25 - 05/09/05  - IP#:
i def think you need to see a doctor and get ideas frm someone else who is professional not a bunch of these kids who dont know what they are saying
Reply from Cari, Age 16 - 05/06/03  - IP#:
Wow! how did you get to be so tall? I'm 16 and I'm only 4'11 and weigh 100lbs. If you really want to keep your weight in check, eat salads, and snack on crackers. Email me if U like @
Reply from Emily, Age 12 - 04/24/03  - IP#:
I used to be 130 pounds, I dropped 30 pounds, and now I am 100 pounds. Keep trying, and soon you will reach you'r goal. e-mail me at What is you'r e-mail adress?
Reply from Emily, Age 12 - 04/24/03  - IP#:
I used to be 130 pounds. I did not like how I looked. Almost every girl at my school was so thin and perfect, but I was not. I was eating 3-4 desserts a day, and getting absolutly no exersise. I finally relised that if I did not limit my self, my weight would keep going up. So I made a plan. I would eat only 2-3 desserts a week, and I would walk around the block at least once a day. It takes alot of time, but if you keep doing it, you will see you'r weigt go down. It has been a little less than a year, and I lost 30 pounds. It may not seem like much, but trust me, you can really see the difference in photos.
Reply from kalley, Age 13 - 04/23/03  - IP#:
ur so tall for ur age!! wow