From lydia, Age 12 - 03/02/10 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'11", Start: 115 lb, Today: 115 lb (BMI %tile: 89), Goal: 80 lb - ok so im overweight accordin to this site. And loads of others. :( i no why though. I over eat. I cant help it the other day i had mcdonalds and take away pizza in the same day and then had mcdonalds again the nxt day i went out 4 dinner today and had another massive meal. My jeans are becomin way to tight and hurtin my tummy flaps over the top its huge and so are my thighs help me
Reply from Kiersten, Age 12 - 06/13/10  - IP#:
my doctor said that 115 lbs is a really healthy weight ur fine
Reply from Anne Marie, Age 13 - 04/03/10  - IP#:
Everyone overeats sometimes. But maybe it will help if you think of food as fuel for your body instead of as a pleasure. That might help. Only eat until your satisfied and drink water! I hope this helped