From Meagan, Age 13 - 07/29/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 139 lb, Today: 143.5 lb (BMI %tile: 94), Goal: 110 lb - hey guys i am going to try the sacred heart diet and your supposed lose 10-17 lbs in a week but most people only lose 7-8 lbs a wek . its totally safe cuz u can eat as much food as u want buts there is a soup you can eat all through the diet that helps u lose weight. im gonna do it 4 2 weeks and the switch to a stable diet wear u only lose 1-2 lbs a week. if u wanna try the sacred heart diet email at and i will tell u all about it
Reply from Hailey, Age 12 - 08/05/09  - IP#:
i agree with taylor thats not safe at all
Reply from Kiely, Age 11 - 08/01/09  - IP#:
Aww...thT SUCKS.
eat a salad, veggies, fruit, but always drink your water
Reply from Kiely, Age 11 - 08/01/09  - IP#:
Your 8 pounds more, not bad at all, thanks 4 replying 2 my messgae, try talking to Malak,shes realy nice and needs all the support she can get
Reply from malak, Age 11 - 07/30/09  - IP#:
good luck and i really hope it works for u
Reply from Taylor, Age 16 - 07/29/09  - IP#:
Anything where you lose that much in one week is NOT safe. It's unhealthy to lose that much that fast regardless of how you do it. Plus it makes it more likely that you'll quickly gain not only that weight back, but MORE, because that's how the human body functions, and deals with rapid weight loss. So I'd advise against that diet, whatever it is.