From malak, Age 11 - 07/21/09 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'2", Start: 129 lb, Today: 129 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 100 lb - hey everybody sorry i havent posted lately .i have a goal to lose at least 10 pounds before school starts i wanna show all the people that said i was fat that whos fat now i wanna start 7th grade with a fresh start so now im watchiing wat i eat and excersising realy hard .if have any advice please,pleasse and double please post it . i really really want to lose weight.thanks
Reply from Hailey, Age 12 - 08/05/09  - IP#:
im going into 7th grade to but all the kids in may class besied my BFFL calls me a lezbion because i like to hug my friends and they also say im fat and talk behind my back and they think im bad at sports cause im fat help dont take hot lunch and try to get ur friends to jump rope or run laps with u at lunch time
Reply from sandy101, Age 13 - 07/23/09  - IP#:
1.get up at 5:30and exercie 4 30 min.
2.take shower and walk to school some kind of fruit while i'm walkin recess walk around or jog lunch cut everything in half and eat half
6.walk home fruit
9.walk/run a mile
10.dinner cut everything in half or put back half of what you would eat back
11.exercise thirdy min
12.get atleast 8 hrs of sleep
1.wake up 7:00
2.exercise 30 min
3.breakfast low fat or non surgured cerel or fruit or veggies
4.go swimmin/exercise]
5.exercise whenever you can eat half what u norm would
GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!