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Hi everyone! How is your dieting? I can not lose weight during the holidays. It is too hard. Does anyone have any tips on losing weight? I've tried everything. I can't lose the weight. I need to lose between 70 and 80 lbs in a year. By next May, I want to be 40 lbs lighter. Is that possible? I am planning to go to the gym or Health Tracks to work out. I have a lot of extra skin(flab). I can't get rid of it! My thighs are huge and flabby. I really want to lose my legs the most because they show the most. I could easily hide my stomach because I could wear tight pants and loose shirts. I have been struggling with my weight for probably my whole life! I weigh 210 lbs and my height is 5 foot 2in about. I need help. If anyone could help me plz post a message or email me at Thankz *jenna*
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that was me also, srry
Reply from @#$%&*, Age 14 - 12/22/04  - IP#:
i have it, my sn is spoiledrotten_1232000
Reply from jenna To: Bananas, Age 12 - 12/22/04  - IP#:
I have yahoo messenger. If you don't have it, go to and download it
Reply from bananas, Age 12 - 12/22/04  - IP#:
is it aol?
Reply from jenna To: bananas, Age 12 - 12/22/04  - IP#:
Do you have IM instant messeging. If you do, it says that username is not found
Reply from jenna to: bananas, Age 12 - 12/22/04  - IP#:
Well, use my dads, he doesn't use it anyways. Mine doesn't work. Here it is... dennisdubois
Reply from bananas, Age 12 - 12/21/04  - IP#:
do u have aim, if so can i have ur sn?
mines watevr12323
Reply from bananas, Age 12 - 12/21/04  - IP#:
i wear a 12-14
Reply from jenna To: Bananas, Age 12 - 12/21/04  - IP#:
You are not being mean, but if you want to know my pants size here it is. Size 18
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im not trying 2 b mean, im just curious (my other comment)
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what size do u wear in pants???