From Kim, Age 13 - 12/19/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi evry1.for the past 3 weeks ive been dieting and i lost 10 pds.all i did was eat healthy,eat smaller portions, and do a bit of exercise.i kinda c no use in the atkins diet,low/no carb diet.if u want ne tips u can email me @
Reply from fefe, Age 13 - 12/27/04  - IP#:
how??? help me plz asap
Reply from monika, Age 13 - 12/23/04  - IP#:
Omg im gunna e-mail you cuz i wanna loose between 10-20 pounds! 153 n 5'6!
Reply from Clare, Age 13 - 12/19/04  - IP#:
hey id really appreciate some tips cuz im trying to lose 10 pounds too!
Reply from Megan, Age 10 - 12/19/04  - IP#:
that is awesome I emailed you my address is
Reply from kim, Age 13 - 12/19/04  - IP#:
thakx kelly!!!!
Reply from Kelly, Age 14 - 12/19/04  - IP#:
awesome job, kim! i agree, fad diets are useless. any weight you lose on them, you are destined to gain back. congrast on losing weight the healthy way! good luck!