From Taylor, Age 13 - 11/21/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
please help me ok so i weigh 245lbs and that wayyyy over weight and im excersizing and everythin but still i cannot lose weight no matter what i do i do sit ups and weight lifting and walking but i cant do that much cause i recently broke my foot but i have to be able to hike alot in yosemite and liek i need to lose weight and get in better shape... so please try and help me w/ this and like just tell me some excersizes or anything to help me lose wieght like diets really i open to anything
Reply from will, Age 11 - 11/30/04  - IP#:
sorry you brok your foot i am over wiet to .
Reply from Angie, Age 37 - 11/29/04  - IP#:
Hey Taylor. Good on you for wanting to lose weight! My son is 11 and is overweight too and I am helping in to lose his weight. I'm sorry you broke your foot. But don't let it be a setback. While you cannot do any walking exercises how about getting some light weights and doing some every day. If you can't get any light weights you can use two cans of soup/baked beans etc. or something like that. You can lift them over your head 10 times and also: keep your elbows close to waist and arms bent out front and lift your weights up to your shoulders 10 times. Make sure you eat 6 small meals a day to raise your metabolism which helps you lose fat faster. Make 3 of those meals either fruit, a handful of nuts (any kind) or a slice of low-fat cheese or a small tub of yoghurt. For your other three meals have a high-fibre cereal with 1 wholemeal(grain) toast or an egg and 2 toast for breakfast, salad and low-fat meat sandwich for lunch or crackers with tuna or low-fat cheese and tomato, and for dinner have whatever your mum cooks you. Did you know that proteins give you energy? Like nuts, meats (chicken, low-fat hams, steaks, tuna, eggs)? But only have 3 eggs a week. When you get back on your feet start out walking every day for 20 minutes and each week increase your daily walking to 30 minutes. Do you like dancing? You can dance to your favourite music with friends. Just have fun! Do you do any other activities/sports? If you do thats great! Walking should be an additional exercise to whatever other activity/sport you are doing. Remember being fit makes you feel fit, happy and healthy. Best of luck!
Reply from Taylor, Age 35 - 11/27/04  - IP#:
Hi Taylor, my name is Shari. I have a niece that is overweight and I am trying to help her loose weight. I understand your frustration, especially with your broken foot. My question would be, what are you eating? Are you sticking to a healty diet plan? If you aren't, then exercising won't help. But please write back, I am curious what kids your age are doing.
Reply from Jacquie, Age 15 - 11/26/04  - IP#:
try palites its not just for girls its easy and no stress on your feet. just hard wrok outs that test induranse. and keep at the diet thing sometimes it take a while a long time but when you do start loseing it will be dramatic. when i start diet and wrokout plans i dont lose weight for 3-4 weeks then i i lose like 4 pounds then .5 -2 pound a week good luck keep your head up