From Isyah, Age 13 - 11/15/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hmm guys i weigh 128 pounds, how can I check which percent is body fat? I do work out and all.
Reply from Isyah, Age 13 - 12/15/04  - IP#:
AM NOT A FRIGGIN GIRL, damn I hate my name lol
Reply from Angie, Age 37 - 11/29/04  - IP#:
Hello Isyah! A good site to measure your body fat percentage is
If you are working out and eating healthy don't stress! You are doing the right things. Keep up the good work.
Reply from Read This 2, Age 15 - 11/27/04  - IP#:
Dear read this, I'm sorry i took your name gurl i didnt know .So i added a 2. oh yeah and i think that what your doing is really making a diffrence. Thanx
Reply from Jacquie, Age 15 - 11/26/04  - IP#:
no one can relly check body fat but you doctor a nurse or if you wrokout at a gym ask them. beacse they have to see and mesure you thats the only reson why
Reply from READ THIS, Age 13 - 11/21/04  - IP#:
e mail mi and tell me your height and weight and maybe i can get somethin 4 u
also, are u muscular?
Reply from Isyah, Age 13 - 11/17/04  - IP#:
nobody can help me?