From Hannah, Age 11 - 11/10/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi I'm Hannah and i weigh 130 pounds and have tried the akins diet and i exercise ALOT!!! I don't know what to do can some one please help (e mail me at
Reply from Jessica, Age 14 - 11/25/04  - IP#:
HAnnah to be honest all you have to do is maintain your weight because as you start to grow you wil fill out! trust me
Reply from eva, Age 15 - 11/13/04  - IP#:
hey you should check how much your percent fat your body is( you can do this at the doctors or a gym) because its possible that since you work out everyday you are mostly muscle. If you are then just remember muscle ways more that fat so more muscular people weigh more than overweight people tend to
Reply from chelsey l., Age 12 - 11/11/04  - IP#:
hey its chel l. i read your message, sometimes people who work out everyday dont loose weight that
fast, and what you want to do is get of the akin diet that doesent work at all, trust me i tried everything!! but whats most most important is i know everyone says this but i saying this cause it will help alote "TRY" to drink as much water as you can....and exersize i know everyone tells you to EXERSIZE every day but that doesent mean you go to a gim or stayin on a good day and do 500 jumping jacks, everyday people get exersize. whether its running to play whith your friends, walking around the mall anything........ and remember every step counts.
ill e-mail you
chel l.
Reply from olivia, Age 11 - 11/10/04  - IP#:
hannah you are not over wieght i love u and i'm telling the truth. always love olivia ,bff
Reply from shelby, Age 11 - 11/10/04  - IP#:
P.S. PLEASE write back.