From, Age 13 - 10/27/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i am thirteen and i weigh 136 puonds i need to lose weight and i want to do it fast how can i do that?i cant controll myself. i think i eat because of perssure my friesnds, parents,and my schools give me alot on my mind i dont think i can handle it. i got my period and i have streched but not that much. nobody says anything about the way i look but i know what they think. can you help mepleeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseee?
Reply from madeline, Age 13 - 11/02/04  - IP#:
u sound the same as me and if u find somehting out bout how to lose dat weight 8i would love some help to thanks
Reply from Brittany, Age 14 - 10/28/04  - IP#:
it kinda depends on your height... ^
Reply from Jenna, Age 12 - 10/28/04  - IP#:
No I won't help you because you are not really overweight like some of us.