From amanda, Age 10 - 10/09/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i am so fat but i am proud i don't care what people say i really need help can so one help we could be pen pals i really need help
Reply from Stacey, Age 13 - 04/12/03  - IP#:
I would love to be your penpal. When ever you need help i will be there.
Reply from misty, Age 11 - 02/02/03  - IP#:
hey amanda i would love to be your pen pal i need someone to talk to and help me with my weight im 11 and 5ft 1 and weigh 164 lbs email me at
Reply from Sami jo, Age 10 - 10/14/02  - IP#:
Hi Amanda I'm Sami jo. I will be your pen pal. We are the same age. are you horse crazy?
Reply from colleen, Age 9 - 10/12/02  - IP#:
I am overweight and I get teased at school and have no friends. I would love have a pen pal. I live in Scotland.