From fat and need HELP!, Age 12 - 09/16/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey i will be 13 in 1 month weigh 260 and am 5'8, PLEASE HELP! DIet tips PLEASE
Reply from kelsey, Age 10 - 09/25/04  - IP#:
jorden is right stop obseeing and stop calling your self fat ok here is what my mom and i do well if you have a park near you walk a lap or two ok bring a big bottle of water and drink it along the way rember dont take it fast like one day take two laps and the next day take three dont get a ahed of your self rember your just a kid and if you do too much you could faint if you go too fast and if you dont eat ok buy your friend kelsey
Reply from Jordan, Age 14 - 09/22/04  - IP#:
first stop calling yourself fat... second just eat healthier and eat less of junk food. third play basket ball or something with your friends