From Kelly, Age 8 - 10/05/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
i was at my friend lisas house and shes 14 and she took my in the bathroom and was doing my hair and then she went on a scale and she said that she weighs 145 pounds and she needs to loose 10 pounds. and i wanted to know what i weight so i went on it and she told me i weigh 101 pounds and that i should lose weight because i weight too much. she said that my stomach is as big as hers and she has a 35 waist. i dont know what that means but she said its bad. what do i do?
Reply from Chloe, Age 12 - 07/21/03  - IP#:
She shouldn't have told you you needed to loose weight! You still have baby fat thats all just do some active games and have fun you'll loose your "babyfat" in no time.
Reply from marry, Age 11 - 01/02/03  - IP#:
not eat jock food.
Reply from Shayna, Age 11 - 11/22/02  - IP#:
Im on a diet too so we can help each other loose weight. If you want too, reply and ill give you my e-mail
Reply from amanda, Age 10 - 10/10/02  - IP#:
ask your mom to buy junk food and soda 1 time a month
Reply from Farie Pixie - 10/06/02  - IP#:
go out side lots instead of watching tv and eat less junk food