From carrie - 07/05/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
today for lunch i had a bigmac for lunch , but i diden't have breakfeast,and i don't fell like eating dinner because my dog ran away. can someone tell me what to eat??????????????????????????????????????????
Reply from KB to Devante and writer, Age 13 - 07/06/04  - IP#:
It doesnt matter hoe much you way. You should always eat right nomatter what. And to the writer of the question, next time you go to mcdonalds try eating something smaller bcuz i no it's hard to give up things like that. For tonight try doing something to get ur mind of your dog for awhile like eat a healthy dinner then do something with your friends or family and it wont be that hard to get through.
Reply from devante, Age 12 - 07/05/04  - IP#:
it all depends how much do you wiegh