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Hi i need bad advice on loosing weight. I go to a place every day to workout. If u have advice e-mail me at I weigh 174
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Here's part of an article I really liked. :):):):):)
Design a Snacking System
Why not pre-prepare and schedule mini-snacks to eat every couple of hours? Plan to have single servings of easily-"munchable" foods on-hand. Single-serving yogurts or cubes of reduced-fat cheese make a great snack to have on hand in the mini-fridge. Don't have a way to keep your snack stash cool at work? Make your munchies something you can keep in your desk drawer. Dry cereal, raisins, carrot sticks are all common fare, but you can also jazz things up by doing things like throwing in zucchini sticks with those plain Jane carrot sticks. Or try reduced-fat pretzels dipped in honey mustard. Mix in some almond slivers with vanilla yogurt. Yum! Snack time doesn't have to be boring! By including a little variety in your planned mini-meals, you'll look forward to your snack break and you'll be less tempted by that vending machine in the corner.