From Steve, Age 10 - 07/09/02 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Im 10 and im 4'9. my daddy say im way 2 fat for my age and my mommy always give me food when i want it. i like to eat but the clothes i wear a week ago dont fit any more. i ask my mommy if i should lose wait but she says i shouldnt and just she says i should just like who i am. but my daddy says i eat enough food in one day that it coiuld feed 3 grownups. i cant help it i like eating and im always eating something. Mommy says dont worry you will lose it and instead feeds me more. im 10 and way 250. should i lose the wait or will it go away?
Reply from autumn, Age 11 - 01/08/05  - IP#:
You should cut back on some of your foods or try to join a fitness club.
Reply from N/A, Age 12 - 07/15/03  - IP#:
Not to hurt anyones feelings or anything, but you asked if you should lose weight. Well, I don't have any advice, But I personally feel you should lose weight.
Reply from angela, Age 13 - 07/05/03  - IP#:
You have a hard descision to make between both parents. I think that you should ask your parents or doctor what healthy foods you should eat to lose weight. You should stay away from junk food. Excersise will help a lot too. you should do it everyday.
Reply from chrissy, Age 12 - 03/21/03  - IP#:
listen, u need to loose wieght but it doesn't have to be like a major issue all the time. take it slowly, first start to cut down on chocolates and stuff. dont take it all away immediatly or u will eat mor. juss take it slowly and maybe try doin sit ups because afterwards u feel great. it may take a while but i assure u, u will loose wieght.
Reply from Conie, Age 39 - 02/18/03  - IP#:
Hi steven,yes it is hard to lose wait,and all types of people all different ages do tease you and say horrible things to you ,and they do hurt your feelings.Its better if mommy does help and daddy all eat a good health meal together and so that as you get older its easier for you, in your life,and makes living easy,and your not scared to go out and meet people, even down the beach where you might feel embarrest,play sport and just having fun with your friends,and it does help you with your health.Maybe you should ask mommy to help you lose weight,by walking, swimming and doing things together and also bring a friend to come along to support you.If you can maintain a good eating habit now your life will be a much happier one and not behind closed doors and eating in silence and feeling terrible about your self.You can do it and motivation and some support will help.Good luck Steven.Then you will want to do heaps of things with a smile and head up high no matter who is watching you....
Reply from misty, Age 11 - 01/25/03  - IP#:
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. yea you should definetly loose weight
Reply from Kat, Age 8 - 01/04/03  - IP#:
lose it until your in the sort of late 100's
Reply from Ray Ray, Age 11 - 11/11/02  - IP#:
u might wana cosider it but don't feel bad i'm 11 and 211.5 pounds
Reply from Joe, Age 12 - 11/10/02  - IP#:
if ya feel like talkin about it lemme know if you wanna chat or just ask anything my email is I kinda went through the same
Reply from holly, Age 8 - 09/28/02  - IP#:
well your mom is WRONG i am not trying to be mean but
you do need to cut down!!!!!!!!
Reply from meeah, Age 10 - 09/18/02  - IP#:
don't feel bad u weight a lot less then me i am 4'8 and weighh 298
Reply from amanda, Age 10 - 09/18/02  - IP#:
hi steve yea you may want to lose so weight but your not the only one i weigh about 225 and i am 10 i am tring you should to ok
Reply from Rockerbaby - 08/12/02  - IP#:
Yes you are overweight but i want you to know that you are not the only person with a weight problem. and i know if you try you can lose the weight.
Reply from krissy, Age 11 - 07/12/02  - IP#:
yes you are overweight more than 100 lbs overweight
Reply from Justin, Age 10 - 07/10/02  - IP#:
Steve, are you really 4 foot 9 inches and weigh 250 pounds? Because if that is correct then yes you need to lose weight like me. If you want we can chat in the old chat room on the 11th at 8:00PM or whatever is good for you.Leave me a note on the bulletin board.