From Alexandra, Age 12 - 06/13/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
I want to lose weight but i dont now how can some one just help me I'm tyred of being so fat I'm also tyered of being tesied even my mom and dad tesie me help me some one just help me!
Reply from Victoria, Age 12 - 08/07/04  - IP#:
try the south beach works. I have lost 32 pounds and still losing..if you want to know more..get the book or go on google and look up "south beach diet"
Reply from JS, Age 12 - 06/26/04  - IP#:
wow, you sound like a really bad comercial.
Reply from Antoinette, Age 15 - 06/13/04  - IP#:
Congratulations for taking the first step - seeking help! I too was a 'fatty' for most of my life then I was introduced to delicious meal replacement shakes and vitamins that kept me strong and energetic. It takes years for one to gain weight so dont hope to loose it all at once. These meal replacements are not found in stores and if you are interested in hearing more and loosing 45 pounds like I did safely and naturally let me know. I live in Canada and it's available here. I feel great about my slimmer body and I tell anyone who asks me about my success story. Soon you will be able to do so too, but dont think of dieting - diets dont work. This will show you how to eat healthy and stay full while the weight drops off then you will also learn how to maintain your weight once you are at your ideal weight and you can even add some 'goodies' too without too much worry. Its a great safe way to get health and happy and to be proud of yourself. Trust me the teasing WILL stop!