From Hailey, Age 12 - 06/12/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey, my name is hailey, and i am 12. I am 5'4 and 195. i am going to join curves, but i have a problem. i eat when i am bored (which is alot). I also eat alot of what i like, even when im not hungry anymore. Anyone know how to kick these habits?
Reply from luv2eat, Age 19 - 04/11/05  - IP#:
hey- I know I am a little old to be in the pre-teen web site but I am doing a study for school. I was looking at what everyone had to say and when I read yours it was like reading a page out of my history. When you are board the best thing to do is find something to do with your hands, read a book, paint your nails,pet the dog ect. whatever to keep your self busy If you are watching TV and get bord do a few sit ups do homework or phone a friend. Even better get outside and walk. but take it from me if you dont do something now it will only get worse....
Reply from Victoria, Age 12 - 08/07/04  - IP#:
i had the same problem, but when i switched to lowcarb dieting, i just ate low carb snacks when i was hungry and i have lost 32 pounds in 4 months. I feel great and you can to
Reply from shawnie, Age 13 - 06/17/04  - IP#:
Why is every body so tall?? I'm 5'1 and wiegh 167lbs.
I hate bieng so short, & heavy. I had the same prob. but then I stated cutting my meals. I would eat about 2/3 of it, then when I got it down I started cutting them in half. I lost about 10lbs. in 3 weeks, And so on.
I also exercise now & have lost even more wieght.
so good luck to you!!
Reply from Tiffany, Age 11 - 06/15/04  - IP#:
hey. I used to eat when I was bored but now I chew Hubba Bubba gum when I'm bored instead of eating. chewing Hubba Bubba gum is just like eating food but you don't swallow it. I'm starting to lose weight now but not much. but another reason why I'm loosing more weight is because I went vegitarian witch is way healthier for you and it means that animals can still live^_^ from Tiffany
Reply from Bea, Age 11 - 06/14/04  - IP#:
just be more active!, play sports!, just don't eat when ur board!
Reply from beth, Age 14 - 06/13/04  - IP#:
I'm the same but i'm 5 ft 8 and 210lbs i eat when i'm bored shall we try tpo play more sports or get an exersise tape which will make us feel better, when u enetr pubity u need tp exersise ure body or u will be less likely to have children! comne on hun, we can do this!