From Monique, Age 16 - 06/10/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hey, I have a quick question... Im on MeltRx 24 Ultra and I excercize ALOT, drink water but not as much as I am saposed to, but i do NOT eat the right food (I don't eat junk food, I eat just regular meals and drink alot of coffee) Could I still lose weight?? I am 196 lbs and i am 5'8 i want to be about 140 or less. Please help! i need answers ASAP, i doubt ill be able to look at this page again so email me PLEASE Thank you so much! I need ALOT of support and answers!
Reply from Jen, Age 18 - 06/26/04  - IP#:
Does MeltRx Ultra Work? I think if you keep doing what you're doing you should be fine
Reply from Monique, Age 16 - 06/11/04  - IP#:
Hey Jacky, I tried the SBD and I can't stay on it lol but if you wonna talk IM me on miszmonique/xodiamondbabiexo or email me at I am working right now but I should be home by 4:30 so we can talk. Thank you :) xox
Reply from Jackie, Age 12 - 06/10/04  - IP#:
I am currently on the South Beach Diet. I used to weigh 182lbs, and now i weight 169 lbs. and i am still going! mI have been on it for 3 weeks im me @ liltwinsis1683 or email me @
and we can talk more bi!