From Maria, Age 12 - 04/04/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Does anyone know of any plans that will help me lose weight? Does anone have any tips or hints that help?
Reply from Dana, Age 10 - 04/10/04  - IP#:
Instead of telling you what you already know like eat healthy and exersize, I think you should make yourself a meal plan and award yourself at the end of the week if you fallow it completely. Here is an example of a meal plan that I think will work: Breakfast-1 fruit (grapefruit, strawberries, peach, plum, cherries, etc.) Snack- (If you want it) Count 20 almonds or peanuts or hazlenuts or cashews. (You can also have carrot sticks if you do not like nuts.) Lunch- 4 oz. chicken breast (not breaded or fried) on a salad with a fruit like and apple. Snack#2- (if you want it) the same thing as the first snack. Dinner- 4 oz. either chicken, turkey, or fish like salmon which has healthy oils in it. Also have a salad with no or minimal amount of dressing and maybe a glass of non-fat milk. Dessert- Another fruit or no dessert. you can also try a fruit smoothie by adding ice, non-fat milk (or unsweetened soy milk) some chunks of your favorite fruit into a blender. Frozen fruit like berries that have been heated into a microwave until they are tender and hot are also very delicious!
Tips: Drink lots of water. If you want to eat something bad, just say to yourself, do I really want to hurt my body? Also, don't eat bread. Bread actually breaks down into sugar when you digest it! Hope I helped lots!