From Beth, Age 13 - 01/03/04 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi, i am kinda new here and my name is Bethanie. I am 13, weigh 150lbs, and am 5'8'' tall. My friends say that because I'm tall i don't look that fat. But, every time i eat all i hear is 150lbs in my head.
Reply from barbie, Age 19 - 01/03/04  - IP#:
ok beth honey your not very fat because your quite tall but if you want to keep fit just ave 3-4 healthy meals a day include lots of water in your diet and fruit if you eat alot of sweets and chococlate try and cut out on them but not all together if try having a couple of treats once a week and if you drink fizzy juice try cutting out on that not only is it high on callories it rots your teeth. ask one of your teachers iftheres any sports clubs after schoo, and join in on them but if you dont like the kind of clubs try jogging home to burn callories. hope this helps,good luck if you have anything you would like to ask me im because i work in childline or call 0800 111111
Reply from Jenna, Age 13 - 01/03/04  - IP#:
Don't get yourself down with how much you weigh. For a person who is 5'8", their range in weight should be from 131pounds to 151pounds, so you are in the healthy range. I hope I helped!