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Last year when I went to my check-up it turned out thta I had gained 27 pounds in one year. I went from 170 pounds to 197. My mom is very concerned since she weighes only 130 pounds. She only lets me have water and makes me go to weight watchers and I am the only kid there and I weigh more than most of the people there! My mom even bought this hi-tech scale just for me. She makes me go on it every week to see progress... so far all I've see is my weight go up. I now weigh 215 pounds which is more than my dad and I am due to my next checkup on Saturday. I don't know what to do... HELP FAST!
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One thing is your mom needs to let you be how you want and Stop with the crap if seh don't like How you look tell her to find a hobby like get plastic surgery..? Its heriditary sometimes Older epople can starve youngers can't Grow Girl it will all get better -5'2 137 lbs- age 13.. Miranda
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listen to the message before yours!
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dont worry bout the other people at the weight watchers...YOU should be the only one that matters in YOUR mind. hope i helped..;)-Yan!s
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Look you can't rush it see i use to way 150 and i lost it but it took time see just cut down your junk food and eat healthy you don't like have to like totaly stop eating chocalate just don't eat as much maybe a peice of chocalate everyother day and instead of like 6 cookies just eat like 1 or 2 and drink lots of water and you have to work out to don't just sit on your butt all day you have to get up go for a bike ride and do situps and pushups and don't over do it just do maybe 50 or 60 and push ups do at least 30 or 20 just take it slow and don't over do it and drink alot of water and 100% juice you know that is good for you too and walk and run and jog just do what you can and do it slow ok hope i helped you out if you want to respond to me go to my bullentin ok thank and good luck.
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mabe you arent overweight and just muscular
Reply from caroline, Age 11 - 12/24/03  - IP#: 11 and weigh about 298 pounds....the doctor said the same thing about losing hope!!!!dopnt worry!!!