From Oliver, Age 9 - 09/01/23 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'4", Start: 22 st 0, Today: 24 st 0 (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 10 st 0 - Hey, it sucks to be chubby. I can barely walk. I only go to school with help because I'm so fat and I can't walk and I can't breathe! When I run, my man boobs jiggle up and down and my belly peeks out of my shirt. When I'm at home, I usually eat too much because I get bullied at school. I have no siblings and no friends and I weigh more than my parents. Are there any mates who want to lose weight?  (Note: 24 st 0 is 336 lb.)
Reply from Oliver, Age 9 - 09/07/23  - IP#:
Hi John
You were right about me not being able to do push-ups or running. I hate sports! My parents are too busy working I think they bring me extra food to keep me quiet. And I don't want to talk about my eating habits, I know I need to eat less.
Reply from John, Age 12 - 09/01/23  - IP#:
What's your ddet like Oliver? What do you eat in a day? Do you drink soda? Fast food? What do your parents think? Have you tried just going on walks? It sounds like push ups and running would be too hard to do right now for you