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Ht. 5'4", Start: 460 lb, Today: 520 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 250 lb - i cant stop eating. please help
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I'm 2 inches taller than you and only 388lbs and I find it really hard to do anything physical. I get out of breath if I have to walk quickly or uphill, I struggle to get my socks on, I find it impossible to get good looking clothes because I'm to fat so what it must be like for you I dread to think
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yes and you?
give me your kik
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Do you have an email or kik
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no one can help me
i cant stop binging
now im over 600 lbs
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Why? @ jordan
Reply from Jordan, Age 19 - 09/21/17  - IP#:
Keep eating, food is good
Reply from carson, Age 12 - 06/21/16  - IP#:
here is what helps me i look in the fridge and i think did i not just eat. so i find a key to our house and i go outside and lock the door and play until you realy need a drink unlock the door get 2 bottles of water after that when you are absolutly tired lay down and think how long u just played and think how many calories you lost. and do it for the next cuple or weeks and you are as good as new
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i also have the same problem,but im starting to get the hang of it...i think yu should just keep urself busy like read a book take a walk outside or do a puzzle or u can learn a new language
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I want to know you re not alone with this, I used 've the same issue not able to stop eating, I actually fond stuff I can't handle I stay away from, do you 've food + bervages that you 've one thing only, for an example you find the regular size chips difficult to handle, do small sized chips portion control is key, start with sitting excries, ask your doctor what's excries you can do to get rid of the excess w.t I'm really worried bout your health. getting your w.t. health + eating under control is important. don't give up!