From Chloe, Age 1 - 10/29/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Hi, I'm 12 in just over a month. I'm overweight, I weigh almost 8 stone. My legs are fairly skinny but have a big stomach. In PE I'm the slowest runner (always was) and my PE teacher says I'm very unfit. I was always underweight until I was 9 and I began doing no exercise and eating chocolate a lot. My height is 148cm, I'm quite short for my age! Please help, thanks x
Reply from Ami, Age 12 - 10/24/16  - IP#:
The chart I used says you are only barely overweight, so I would not worry too too much. :)
Reply from Jessica, Age 20 - 11/07/15  - IP#:
sorry to respound to you so late, I understand what your going through, I was short to at your age, overweight,. its better to get your w.t. undercontrol now the older you get the harder it is to get the w.t. off., take it easy girl, you defnely need to cut back on the chocolate, portion control is the key, reading lables, you stomach will srink in time I just lost seven lbs from my highest w.t. since a long time now I was 190 now 183. I was sick that's not how I wanted to lose w.t. if you find a food or bervage you can't handle eating one piece or small glass of it if you avoid it, stay clear of those items., your waist will go smaller, your face thins out, your 4'8. lose it is great app, you can improve at P.E. with excrise at home!! runkeeper is a good app, you can keep track what your eating, calories, sodium, sugar, carbs, fat, fiber, it keeps track how many steps you re walking each day,! you can get an account on your computer or smartphone ipad, nook or Ipod touch. its a graphic for your w..t also a cool thing for icons there re food + bervage icons!! same for excrising.
don't give up on yourself Chloe!!