From Emily, Age 12 - 10/24/15 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 145 cm, Start: 78 kg, Today: 72 kg (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 45 kg - Hi my name is Emily Citrus I am 12 years and sadly to say I am ridiculously over weight. I discovered this site a couple of weeks ago it has really helped me knowing that other people are in the same situation as me and to hear other people's stories. My father left me because my mother and I were too over weight so it is just me and my mum at home. I don't have any brothers or sisters but I did once gave a brother he would be 14 now but he died at birth because my mum, sorry this is really emotional for me to be talking about this, my brother died from my mum being overweight. Every night we have fast food except once a month. My mum was beautiful and thin when my dad met her and they decided they wanted to have a baby and that's when my mum started to become overweight. Twice in her life she has had a heart attack from being over weight. I am homeschooled by my mum because for the first year of school I was bullied. Homeschooling is so much better than school because we get 10 lunchbreaks which at my old school we just got 2. I don't do we'll in learning because either I'm eating food, watching TV or thinking about food. I hope one day something will encourage me to become a better person(a weight loss buddy). Please help by giving me tips I'm desperatešŸ˜  (Note: 145 cm, 72 kg is 4'9.1", 158.733 lb.)
Reply from Alex, Age 13 - 12/19/15  - IP#:
We can help each other if you want. Sorry to hear your story you are very strong to go through all that
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Reply from Amelia, Age 15 - 10/25/15  - IP#:
Dear Emily I'm am so sorry to hear about your father and brother. I hope you achieve your goal. Y'all be great. Don't let anyone get you down. This site is great. Hope you achieve your goals and live a happier life
Xx Ameliaā¤
Reply from Jessica, Age 20 - 10/24/15  - IP#:
Emily I'm sorry bout the loss of your brother, you father sounds like to me was very selfish, what a heartless man he is than. I understand what your going through, I been dealing with w.t issues bout the same age as you re, fast food should be a special treat" there's an app Lose it! yes you can track your w.t. h.t. goal w.t. calories, carbs, fat, protein, Sodium, sugar, fast food dose 've a lot of salt espically chips, processed food, you will make your ideal w.t. you work at it! small mini goals, I use American for measurments, you use metric, I'm trying to be offending, start with 1-1/2/ or 2lbs than five-ten and so on, I walked + ran over for 53 min., my distance was long, start with walking running slowly, not slow pace, you can do this!! I believe in you we re here to support! you~!! you re special + beateafull., you can lose a dress size jean size, Forever 21 you check it out! they 've sizes for EU. yes taking the w.t. off takes time, Emily., you can do it!