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Ht. 139 cm, Start: 42 kg, Today: 41.7 kg (BMI %tile: 89), Goal: 35 kg - Hello Everyone my name is Chris and I need help too lose weight so far I have got 1 big belly roll at the bottom of my stomach and 2 medium belly rolls at the top of my stomach when sitting down my belly pills over my pants about 3 inches please help me  (Note: 139 cm, 41.7 kg is 4'7", 92 lb.)
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Hi Chris. First of all, I use pounds and inches so I'm going to write out some conversions for myself. You are approximately 4'6" tall and 92 pounds, and your BMI percentile is 89. Anywhere from the 85 percentile (I'm 86) to the 99 percentile is overweight, so you aren't that much overweight. I also know that you want to be 77 pounds which would make your BMI a healthy 69 percentile so good goal! I think that if you slowly cut down on portion size and exercise 30 minutes a day, you'll make progress, and try to get your family and friends involved to make it fun. No matter what, though, you should always feel good about yourself, and I see you lost .3 pounds already so good for you!