From caroline, Age 11 - 12/16/03 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
hi, my name is caroline and im 11 and im about 298 pounds.every1 makes fun of me and calls me a cow and moo's @ me like i am 1!!!!!! i know im overweight and all but du i really need a reminder??? every time i look in the mirror i c something that really upsets me...i c a face thats given up and is losing hope. some times i even have 2 go 2 sick kidz bcuz i cant breathe. how du i get kidz 2 mind there on buisiness and just leave me alone???
Reply from Caroline, Age 13 - 01/16/04  - IP#:
My name is Caroline too. First of all, Who cares what other people think.Even though it may be true don't let it get to you. I used to get teased all the time. Ignore people who say mean things to you. Tell them that you don't think it's nice them teasing you and have a go at them. you know? Don't let them ruin your life. To lose weight you can drink lots of water , no fast,junk food, lots of friut and veggies and lots of exercise. Put your mind to it and you'll be fine. Believe you can do it and you can.
Love Caroline.
Reply from jessi, Age 19 - 12/23/03  - IP#:
i love u
Reply from shanell, Age 15 - 12/22/03  - IP#:
the first thing you need to remember is that it is going to take time. you need to make sure you have a decent amount of excersise. Next you need to eat three healthy meals a day. You need to let your parents know and ask them to help you by not buying junk food and cooking healthy food so that you have no excuse for eating junk food. And you can have healthy snacks which could be an apple, yogurts, and you should try to cut as much junkfood out of your diet as possible and drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day
Reply from TAG, Age 12 - 12/20/03  - IP#:
Tell your teacher if kids are making fun of you and your teacher will tell them to stop.
Reply from sum person, Age 13 - 12/19/03  - IP#:
hey... i know how u feel everyone just keeps making fun of u and it duzn't help... i think that u should just ignore them cuz all that pressure is gonna cause u to do alot of bad things
Reply from Ray Ray or Rach, Age 12 - 12/17/03  - IP#:
I know it hurts when people make fun of you. In 5th grade my nickname was Bessy the Cow and everyone would call me Cow all the time. It really sucked. In 4th grade my nickname was Slimfast. Try to ignore them, it didn't ususally work for me but thats what everyone always says. If that doesn't work you can tell them that 1.You don't care what they say. 2.That you are trying to lose weight. Or you could say something mean back like tell them to get a life and to stop saying crap to you becuase you don't care. Or point out something you don't like about them or whatever. I know it hurts but keep your head up. The teasing got better in 7th grade for me because I wasn't with the same people all day. I made a lot of new friends, my grades are way up and I'm a lot happier. Don't worry things will get better! With Love, Rachel