From Ryan, Age 11 - 07/29/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'9", Start: 98 lb, Today: 97 lb (BMI %tile: 87), Goal: 88 lb - Hey guys, I'm back. I just came back for some more advice. I did some research about 1 hr ago on a body fat calculator.
(this is the boring bit and reading is optional. I will line break when the boring bit is done). I had 31.37% body fat! I decided to use their calculations to figure out how much lean body mass I had (68lbs). So my previous goal of 70 would leave me with just 2 lbs (2%) body fat! So I decided to calculate what weight would give me 10%. Roughly 88lbs. So there's my new goal.
So, anyone know a good way to lose 10 lbs ASAP? (I still need a couple weeks of summer to be slim!) If possible, I wouldn't like to change my diet too much (I despise most healthy things) but I'm willing to exercise as much as it takes.
Reply from Ryan, Age 11 - 07/31/13  - IP#:
And @alec: because I want to enjoy at least a lil bit of summer as a slimmer me. Plus I want to go to my new school not being fat.
Reply from Ryan, Age 11 - 07/31/13  - IP#:
And thanks guys! I can't ride a bike though...
Reply from Ryan, Age 11 - 07/31/13  - IP#:
I miscalculated the 10% bit >.<
Reply from Jennifer, Age 11 - 07/30/13  - IP#:
Ryan, I'm 11 years old too, and I weigh 70 pounds. Because I;m a girl, and girls usually weigh less than boys, I'm glad you did keep that as your goal, because it might not be healthy. but a good weigh to lose weight is to drink lots of water, and I mean like at least ten glasses a day, and go biking, swimming, and jogging a lot because that is the healthiest and in my opinion easiest way to lose weight.Good luck on losing weight, and I hope that I get to hear about how it went! :)
Reply from Sophia, Age 12 - 07/29/13  - IP#:
A good way to exercise would be just taking a walk/jog or swimming or biking for a few miles a day so it's enjoyable and you dont feel like dying. And as for dieting, you don't really have to eat "healthy food" more, just cut down on junky foods (fried foods, sugary foods, most carbs, sodas, etc). Good luck!
Reply from Alec, Age 14 - 07/28/13  - IP#:
Just keep doing what you're doing. Buy why do you need to loose by the end of summer?