From Ashley, Age 12 - 05/05/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'7", Start: 164 lb, Today: 158 lb (BMI %tile: 93), Goal: 130 lb - I'm not the fattest girl in my class but I've been big my whole life because of me grandma, she will come over and then make a sh*t load of food. I've been called a fat b*tch from kids younger than me and older. I'm a loner because of my weight. I don't play sports because of my weight. I've lost weight and people like my mom' s friends and my church's priests but I still feel soo freakin fat around my " friends" I wear shorts and bikinis and tighter things and Hollister clothes but that's not my point... I NEED HELP!!! My friends even call me fat because of the things I eat (I don't eat big portion pot sweets everyday) I'll eat 1 cookie and that's too many calories but my friends could eat my town and their weight won't budge. Please help me before its too late.
Reply from Helen, Age 12 - 06/10/13  - IP#:
Your friends body type might be different, your taller than me so you must be skinnier because u weigh only a few more pounds less so don't think negative and if they make fun of you than your "friends" might not be true "friends"
Reply from Gift, Age 12 - 06/07/13  - IP#:
can i be ur weight lose bud?
Reply from jordyn, Age 10 - 05/22/13  - IP#:
I know how u feel I would love ot be your weight loss buddy
Reply from alondra, Age 12 - 05/15/13  - IP#:
IM triyng hard to.we have the saem goal and age maybe we can be buddies!1 But try not to have sugars,if is posible only drink water and some milk. and exercise every day ihope this help you.Never give up!!!1
Reply from William, Age 11 - 05/12/13  - IP#:
Could i be your weight loss buddy
Reply from Aurelia, Age 11 - 05/07/13  - IP#:
You should excersise an hour a day.go to the gym or try jump rope.