From Jada, Age 10 - 04/04/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'11", Start: 138 lb, Today: 143 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 95 lb - I was obese in Pre-school. All of my classmates were 30 and 40 pounds, but I was 60 pounds. Now, I am in 5th grade. I am double the weight of ALL my friends. I am now only about 50 pounds away from my 15 year old brother. All of my friends who are 60 pounds say that they are fat, but they ask how much I weigh but I am too embarrased. There was an end of year pool party. Some students said that if I wore a bikini they would not go into the pool just because I was fat. I can't wear a bikini anyway due to obesity and another incident. What should I do to lose weight and stop those kind of comments from happening?
Reply from chloe, Age 11 - 04/21/13  - IP#:
i am going to tell you what im doing i exercise for 30mins a day or more i rarely have candy,pop and stuff like that if you have a device that you can download games i tink you should download my fitness pal it sis super good and totaly free btw i am looking for a weight loss buddy... right now mines my mom
Reply from Aurelia, Age 11 - 04/04/13  - IP#:
Excersise and eat healthier such as cut down on your portions tell your friends at least I'm fat and I can change that but you're ugly and you can't change anything about that!Just kidding that's mean if they say that then there plain rude and don't deserve to be your friends and just excersise daily for like 30 minutes and eat healthier and cut down on your portions like 3 servings to just 1.I hope that helped you!