From holly, Age 13 - 03/25/13 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'0", Start: 136 lb, Today: 158 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 50 lb - I amb fat i know i amb it pisses me off wen people say im not.i amb now very disapointedin that im now obese
I have childhood obesity just the word makes us all sound disousting say it out loud 'obese' it means were just very fat everyone says there obese just not to say fat but if your obese now look down at your tummy its gonna bé big and horrible and your thighs dont have a gap we are all on her 'blubberbusters'coz were fat like too fat for a little quick diet to fix
We are obese fat people who need 2 bé skinny
Reply from Holly, Age 12 - 03/28/13  - IP#:
Aurelia is right. My cousin had anorexia and she almost died. I know how tough it is and I know how it feels to be in your position. We are here on blubber busters because we know how you feel and it reminds us that we're not alone. Some days I just feel so mad about how I look, that I don't even want to go out in public. One time not even to the grocery store. Try coming on here on Wednesdays for the live chats. Talk to someone. It helps.
Reply from Aurelia, Age 11 - 03/26/13  - IP#:
Holly I know your goal is 50lb but that's not a realistic goal a toddler weighs that much I think you should have a realistic goal cause 50lb you would be weak and could die and it's not safe and you might not even have any skin left which is just scary and also you could become anorexic which isn't good and Im not trying to unmotivated you or ruin your dream I'm just saying this for your own good and you're 13 not 5 so if you become 100 you'd look skinny and fit and I'm sorry but dont let your hopes too high.
Reply from Aurelia, Age 11 - 03/26/13  - IP#:
That's true I mean a little diet or excersises for 5 minutes won't fix us we have to work hard. Then those other kids might think we don't care about our weight we do I totally agree.