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Ht. 3'2", Start: 100 lb, Today: 100 lb (BMI %tile: 98), Goal: 85 lb - hey guys! :D i just wanted to share with you a couple of my tricks ;) and delicios healthy foods: first off cheese and grapes,triscuits (not to many theese are only to replace the chip eating), plain greek yogurt (super healthy and so many combinations,nuts and honey or dipping sauce for carrots or other veggies) little baby carrots (trust me there delicious)exercices and activities (during the winter mounths): join a house league team (i'm in basketball and i abosoulty love it) if your to shy try and convince a friend of yours to come too! (twice the fun!)in phys ed class pump it up another level,with me the teacher always asks us to run 20 laps around the gym,but i never count i jsut run till he gets fet up and tells me to stop (remeber this might not be the same case for you,babysteps,we don't want you having an asthma attack in class) and lastly know your limit,this one is always hard for me because i have an older brother and he's so much better then me in anything,don't let that hurt you,stay strong <3
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oh yeah i'm actualy 5'1 i kinda had to lie to get this thing on here