From Jenny, Age 10 - 03/12/12 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 4'11", Start: 106 lb, Today: 107 lb (BMI %tile: 90), Goal: 87 lb - It's awful being overweight. I can't wear any pretty clothes. I feel bad at school because everyone is so skinny. Most people don't like to play with me cause I run slow, and get tired easily.
Reply from Ivy, Age 9 - 03/18/12  - IP#:
Me too before I got to where I am now I could wear anything but these days I just cant but there is stylish clothes for people that aren't perfectly skinny so try buying an outfit that works for you and soon you wont care what you wear"!:)
Reply from Shirin, Age 11 - 03/18/12  - IP#:
Hi Jenny ,
I know how you feel I am facing the same situation in school.Everybody makes fun of me because I am fat my causin's does not allow me to play due to the same reason!
Bye buds
Reply from Haylee, Age 10 - 03/14/12  - IP#:
I had the same provlems and if they dont want to play with u and just leave u there go to someone that us nice to u that will not leave u there