From Rebecca, Age 12 - 10/10/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'1", Start: 9 st 1, Today: 9 st 1 (BMI %tile: 92), Goal: 6 st 0 - Please I really want to loose weight has anyone got any tips for me because I really need them! You may think I am joking but I'm ADDICTED to food :'(  (Note: 9 st 1 is 127 lb.)
Reply from jesica, Age 13 - 10/25/11  - IP#:
hey rebbeca ur not dat overweight ur just 1 or 2 stones over ur acrage i was like dat i was 8 stones 2 pounds and now am 7 stones 3 dot ask me how coz i rely dont no ma selve probaly coz i use dance all night and ma mum use 2 make me diet now i hav a sexy hot body like ma mum wich is a model and fuess wta now i got a kot boyfreind k so believe in ur selve and u will turn skinny i pronice love ur penpel jesica
Reply from destiny, Age 12 - 10/12/11  - IP#:
i suggest that if ur addicted to food u should at least eat the healthy food.suprisingly healthy food taste good too :) also try to drink 8 cups of water each day and speedwalk for 20 minutes and do 20 pushups and situps 6 days a week then the next day walk for 30 minutes and 30 pushups and situps,then 40 and keep on going longer each day but the longest u should go is an hour.try to ask your parent/gardian if she/he could start buying healthier food but if that doesnt work u can still eat the food u like u just have to eat when your should wait three before u start eating another meal.for example:eat at 12am-12:30am eat again at 3:30pm.try to eat when u r hungry no just when u are bored or emotional i already lost 5 pounds in 3 days.
Reply from TLynch, Age 26 - 10/12/11  - IP#:
Hello Rebecca. I understand your struggles with loving food especially at your age. When I was a teenager I too struggled with controlling my urges and rationing out food. What helped me was talking to my parents and getting them to help me eat better foods. My mom started buying healthier snacks and cooking dinner so we ate less fast food. She introduced me to whole grain cookies, flavored hummus with carrots, and peanut butter with bananas and raisins (there are tastier healthy foods out there too). As an adult, I realized that the more I stayed away from fast food and junk food in general that I did not have as many cravings for bad foods.
Reply from Rebecca, Age 12 - 10/11/11  - IP#:
i kinda just eat alot will the time x and i want to change ti x
Reply from Alyssa, Age 10 - 10/10/11  - IP#:
I have the same peoblem but I only eat when I am bored , sad or mad.