From Nyla, Age 12 - 09/04/11 - IP#:  Click here to reply  
Ht. 5'4", Start: 130 lb, Today: 128.8 lb (BMI %tile: 85), Goal: 95.5 lb - Well my story starts off when I moved from home to grandma and when I left I weighed 90 pounds!! But you know how it is when you go to grandmas ! she cooked 3 large meals and about 5 snacks a day (candy,popcorn,etc)!! Well when got to our new house and I got started back in school (we went to grandmas in the summer) my dad bought a scale I weighed myself and I weighed 130 pounds ! I could not believe and when I tried on my clothes and found out the couldn't fit , that was the last straw. Ive been determined to lose weight and so far I lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks!! I plan to reachy goal of 95 by January first and I know I can do it
Reply from Mary, Age 12 - 12/19/11  - IP#:
Yes, you CAN do it! It seems like your visits to your grandmother might have gotten you used to eating common junk foods all the time. Whenever you come home from school and feel the need to feed, the first thing that could come to mind is a chocolate bar, cookie, etc. Instead, get yourself a fruit or vegetable, because they fasten your metabolism, and give you more fiber. The best thing to have are watermelons, since they're mostly made of water, they hardly have any calories. During meals, try to get your main food groups on the plate: fruits or vegies, protien, grain, and calcium in healthy forms, like instead of a hotdog, your protien portion could be lean meats such as turkey, or beans. The next time you visit your grandmother, tell her you're going on the healthy road, and she'll understand.
Reply from destiny, Age 12 - 10/13/11  - IP#:
dont give up!
Reply from Lillie, Age 12 - 09/11/11  - IP#:
You are so awesome for making a change for yourself. Stick with it!